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 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you compare to other consulting companies such as U-Buildit & House Raisers?

A: All of our competitors do a great job as well but we are on the job more and our contract says so.  Some or our competitors hand you a package and schedule in the beginning and that is the last time you see them.  We are much more hands on than most of those we compete with, however there really are not that many companies that provide the service that we do.  Give us a call now to compare.
Q: How much does it cost to build a home?

A: As you can imagine, this is an extremely complicated question. Costs will always vary depending upon the complexity of the home’s design, the topography of the lot, and local variables, such as fees for school districts, water and sewer connection fees, permits and any number of agencies which attach a fee to your building permit. The 2003 edition of the "National Construction Estimator" states that as of the third quarter of 2002 the cost of construction was $74.52 per square foot and it is constantly on the rise. What we see most of our owner builders spending is about $79 - $112 per square foot or more.
Q: How can I be more involved in my project, and where do I start?


The main hurdle facing most Owner/Builders is the fear of not knowing where to start and how to proceed the sheer, overwhelming magnitude of the project. With its solid track record of project success, Build a Little offers a step-by-step program to follow, along with the valuable know how needed to successfully negotiate the intricate process of financing, planning and construction. Working with several of the local lumber suppliers, Build a Little and its package of professional services now make building your own home not just affordable, but also reliable and predictable. Lets get started.

Q: How long does it take to build a home, and how much time will I need to spend at the jobsite?

A: Most people plan for a six month construction period. Some finish as quickly as four months some take nine to twelve months. With Build a Little’s schedule, good planning and no excessive delays, you should be able to finish in six months. We figure that you should spend close to 10 hours a week planning your project and about 15 - 20 hours a week during the actual construction. Not all of the time of course is spent at the actual jobsite. Most of the time is spent coordinating contractors, checking materials deliveries against invoices, and shopping for materials. The subcontractors are professionals and don’t need you to watch them work. You will check in at the jobsite about as often as you would if you had hired a general contractor, probably everyday, just to check the progress of the work. You will also meet with your Build a Little consultant regularly in order to maintain progress and minimize mistakes.
Q: Can I get "contractor prices" on building materials and labor?

A: The short answer is Yes. The more complex answer is that there is no fixed discount called "contractor pricing". If you buy a train load of material you could expect a better discount than if you are buying a small amount. Most small contractors build one or two homes a year and for most purposes you will be treated in that same category by vendors and subcontractors. One of the benefits of working with Build a Little is that the various vendors and suppliers perceive you as a group and tend to offer deeper discounts. With Build a Little, you should save approximately an extra 2 ½% - 6% on materials and labor.

How Else Can I Save Money?


Build-A-Little offers you, the Owner, the opportunity to save thousands of dollars by acting as project manager and some may acquire "sweat equity" by even participating in the building process, and by doing some of the work yourself. Ask our sales representative about the various stages of completion available and how you can save money. Click here to see our prices.


How Much Of The Work May I Do Myself?


Build-A-Little understands the Owner's desire to participate in the building process. We look forward to working with each individual homeowner and will assist the Owner in building the home to any stage of completion.  What many Owners may feel is a savings by doing some of the work themselves, your Build a Little rep may be able to explain how doing some projects may be less expensive to sub contract out.  It all depends upon the Owner's level of experinence and time availability.

Many of our Owners elect to have the home built through the sheetrock stage. At this point all the interior walls are finished, ready for you to prime and paint. Other stages of completion available beyond the shell stage are plumbing, electrical, heating, insulation and complete. Please ask your sales representative for details on the various stages of completion

Q: How can I qualify for a Construction Loan?

A: Over 140,000 Owner-Builder permits are issued in the U.S. each year and many more individuals would like to build their own homes. The most common and often insurmountable obstacle is financing: substantial down payments, general contractor requirements and high costs are usually associated with a construction loan. Instead, Build a Little works closely with national lenders who specialize in construction loans and are also familiar with the Build a Little Owner-Builder Program. These lenders know that Build a Little Owner-Builders are successful!
Q: What if I have little or no construction background or experience?

A: You do not have to be familiar with how to build or remodel a home. Your Build a Little Consultant will meet with you regularly in planning meetings to keep an eye on and scrutinize your project’s advancement. You will be provided with a detailed construction schedule outlining each stage of your home building or remodeling process, clearly outlining the next steps you will need to act upon. We also pay a visit to the site regularly to answer any questions and aid you in staying assured that your home construction project continuously meets your and Build a Little’s high standard values.
Q: How do I plan my budget?

A: Deciding what you want to spend on your house payment and how much cash you want to invest can be simplified and streamlined when working with The Build a Little Consultant. Interest rate, term of loan, and loan-to-value ratio will determine the amount of principal you will borrow. The amount you borrow, plus your cash investment will equal your total budget. The math should be done by an experienced professional who can develop a plan that guards against changes during the project.  You will rest easier getting and using the advice of your Build a Little consultant.
Q: How do I know how much I qualify for?

A: Determining your borrowing capacity with regard to lender's guidelines, your income, your obligations, available cash reserves and the prevailing interest rates and costs will be carefully analyzed to get the best results possible. The Build a Little Consultant can show you the financing options available and introduce you to the most appropriate lender for your specific needs.
Q: How Do I Find Land or a Lot to Build on?

A: Researching lots currently available within your price range should be within the right percent of your total budget. Keep in mind that topography, tree location, solar orientation, slope, and restrictions will influence the building efficiency and the cost of your project. Through The Build a Little Consultant, you will be informed of the many variables involved in lot selection and how it will effect your overall plan.

Can I Choose My Own Floor Plan?


Build a Little has 1000's of home plans available from some of our affiliates. These homes can be built as is, depending on your building site, or they can be modified to meet your needs. In the event that you elect to modify a basic model, Build a Little can provide architectural and engineering services, if required, through more Build a Little affiliates.

Build a Little also welcomes you to share your ideas and floor plans with our consultants. They will assist you in designing a home that truly is a reflection of you and your lifestyle. (Build a Little reserves the right to review all owner provided plans for acceptance.)

Q: What are the square footage ranges of the Build a Little home plans?

A: Build a Little has access to home plans from 1200 square feet to well over 7000 square feet and more.  Just click here to view several 1000 of the many plans offered.
Q: How do I know who to hire?

A: You will have access to an exclusive collection of skilled subcontractors for each and every phase of construction. We provide only those who have a strong, proven track record in home construction and a past history with Build a Little & Hester Homes clients for years and offer you good value for your money. Of course, you may also select your own subcontractor or do the work yourself for any part of your home construction project.
Q: What about guarantees and/or warranties?

A: The truth is that if there was an issue with your plumbing, heating & air or any other problem and you had hired a general contractor to build your home or purchased a home from a developer, you would call them and they would call whoever was responsible for the problem. They might even give you the name and number of the plumber and tell you it was his responsibility, call him. The guarantees are exactly the same, you just eliminate the middle man in the event of a problem. By going through Build a Little you can take advantage of our affiliation with the same national warranty program offered by many of the national builders, the 2-10 Warranty program. Your home will have a structural warranty for up to 10 years. It is a warranty that not even every builder can get as the 2-10 company will only warrant builders it knows will produce a warrantable home. They know Build a Little customers will be a success and who is going to build the best home? Why the person building their own home of course.
Q: Have a question of your own?



Q: I need designer help!


Build a Little clients are fortunate to have the availability of
Beverly Taylor Design 
Beverly Taylor is one of the top designers in North Carolina with her design work being noticed from Atlantic Beach & Morehead City to Raleigh & Charlotte areas. 

Q: If you have another question that is not listed, e-mail us your question and we will repsond within 48 hours.  Just click on the e-mail address. BuildaLittle@aol.com