Build a Little offers the Owner/Builder, the opportunity to save thousands of dollars by acting as project manager and participating in that part of the building process.  We also offer a plan that still allows you to be involved in the building process while placing ALL of the general contracting responsiblilties squarely on our sholders. Review each of our price plans below to learn  how Build a Little will help you save money on your new home! 

A wise investment


      PLAN I  -   $3490.00

Build a Little
will provide you with all documentation  your mortgage lender will require for construction loan approval.  Those documents will include the following; a detailed line item budget & estimate, outlining every phase of construction and what it cost as well as all soft costs. Also an in depth analysis of what will be required to build your home based upon your plans and what you have indicated you want in and on your home. That will be outlined in our Description of Materials, which is a detailed 7 page legal document, outlining everything that has to do with your project.  CLICK HERE TO REQUEST INFO

                     PLAN II
Want more control of your job? This plan is for you! Owner control with expert help.  Remember, "Build a Little, Build a Lot!"
                    1000 - 1500 Total sq ft. . . $ 9,950
                    1500 - 1999 Total sq ft. . .
                    2000 - 2999 Total sq ft. . .
                    3000 - 3999 Total sq ft. . .
                    4000 - 4999 Total sq ft. . .
                    5000 - 5999 Total sq ft. . .
           6000 Total sq ft & up on a
Per Plan Basis
This plan includes all of Plan I , plus we will be available to you for scheduled weekly visits and also guide and assist you at anytime you feel you may need it. This plan is great for someone who is going to be on their job site frequently but feels as if they might need a lot of assistance to complete the job. This plan is the primary reason Build a Little was started.  It allows homeowners to be in control of their job, but to have a mentor to rely on whenever the circumstances require it.  You will save as much as 15-25% or more than if you hired a GC to build or re-model your home for you.  With this plan all final decisions are yours and all financial responsibilities are yours. You pay all of the subs and suppliers. You take a lot of the legwork out of my job as a general contractor therefore you save a lot of money. "Build a Little, Build a Lot"!      CLICK HERE TO REQUEST INFO
Remember, with BuildaLittle , U-buildit & that makes perfect BuildingSense.  Construction managment at Build a Little is top notch because you are in control.

Hester Homes handles all of your general contractor needs. We run and oversee every aspect of the job, pay all the subs and suppliers, do all of the legwork and in an agreed upon time, presto, your house is done just as it would be with any other custom homebuilder only better because we allow you to be a part of your job. All of the risks and everything about the job is our responsibility just as if you would hire any other general contractor. To be honest, this is my favorite plan, but as I have said before, I realized a significant number of people want to be more involved so I now am offering them options on how much money they would like to save and how involved they want to be. You choose which plan best suits your needs. Lets just get your home started!    CLICK HERE TO REQUEST INFO

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